Friday, February 18, 2011

In the beginning ...

... there was a test. Not a post. Just a test. Well, maybe it was a post. Post-Test Stress Syndrome already ! You know, I'm told that I take after Mr. Kimball on Green Acres ...

People I know keep telling me to start a blog.

I dunno if it will ever get up off the ground. And if it doesn't ... it could still crash and burn.

Wow, that's enough for one evening's 10-minute stretch.

Gonna experiment and try some links and stuff ....

About me: foxy.

About my politics and worldview: Staunchly pro-America (I advocate Agent Orange-like spraying of Compound W on our warts for the lefty worry warts who wring their blemished hands about our warts and our mission-creep prone, Compound W-spraying military).

Staunchly pro-Israel because, although I'm not Jewish, (well ... 1/8 due to my maternal G-Grandma Hirschbein ... hey, that makes me legally Jewish, I think), I still have faith. The UN is not Disneyland's It's a Small World and the Muslim Brotherhood is not secular and anti-violence. Let's stand with Israel and all of our other allies, okay? It's a dangerous world out there and we need our friends and they need us.

About me: Often falsely accused of narcissim by those who will never, ever possess as many mirrors as me.

About me: Crippled with the curse of social phobia. A social quadroplegic, I am. I blush, I sweat bullets, my mind goes blank, I panic ... in social settings. See Albert Brooks in Broadcast News when he finally gets the chance to anchor if you want to understand me.

Okay ... gonna do a little experimenting and try to link to some of my favorite blogs. My goal is simple; $4,000 of annual dividend income by the end of 2011. My other goal is hard; 100 readers of this blog by that time.

Okay ... let me try to link to Hot Air, Instapundit, Powerlineblog, Legal Insurrection, Hugh Hewitt ... and other must-read blogs.


Trochilus said...

Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you a little tutorial on html posting, one which I put together for a friend who was beginning a site.

LukeHandCool said...

Ranks a rot, Trochilus! Just sent you an email and checked out your amazing looking blog! I'm following it and see I have some reading to do!