Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Daughter Emily in her Musical Debut

Mac Ballard "Sawtelle" from Lance Kuhns on Vimeo.


Trochilus said...

Whoa . . . very cool! What an excellent video!

I even went and read a little about Sawtelle to get a sense of the area. Interesting history.

Naturally, I saw the post on Le•gal In•sur•rec•tion as well. That was certainly nice of Bill.

And his post even got picked up and reposted on Common Sense Junction, here -- just scroll down to Number 10.

Emily, it looks like you're on a roll.


LukeHandCool said...

Wow, that was surprising! I emailed the link to a few friends and sent it to Professor J on a lark. Blew me away!

Yep, the Professor is a great guy ... and I'm sure glad he's on our side!!

My buddy is on his way back from a snowboarding trip. He said he's going to start putting this puppy together (hopefully he'll post a bit tomorrow). I've got to find more time.

Thanks for the kind comments, the encouragement, and the help. If Jon and I can make this site half as nice as yours, I'll be tickled pink.